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The webpages is made by Ingar Granholt, started Christmas evening 2006, The pages was put togehter in the late-night .

  • Programming tools that are used is Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, C# is used on the top layer, and manged C++ on the data and business layer. We are using MSSql 2008 database.

  • Running on a Windows 2003 server.


  • If somebody dislike the video clips, pictures or games used on this site, or you think that the stuff is illegal, please contact Webmaster then we will delete the stuff if we agree with it! User's can upload pictures and movies to this site, the uploadet stuff will be checked befeore itis accepted .


Do you have some ideas what these websites could contain, so let us know! The webpages is constantly in development. If you find some errors so please report it to administrator

Last updatet 15 February, 2008