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A.L.I.A.S. 2Don t Shot Kenny
Sol BomberAnimal Hunter

sandefjord.jpg Sandefjord just now
View towards south west >>>
gotcha.jpg Sandefjord just now
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games/spill Flash games
Here is many funny flash games
funnyclips Weather station Weather station here have temperature, rainfall, wind energy and more
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Funny pictures..  
BellyTableBump Movie-clip 
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Mitt forrige Hammond B3 1958  
Knall bra lyd verdens beste orgel
Personal photo album  
Here is some nice pictures from Norway and Thailand...

Skifte bakre hjullager på Bmw E36
Skifte olje på Bmw automatkasse

How I inserted locking differentials on my Bmw

Pictures of beautiful Bmw Coupe's

How I build a Stevenson Screen (Weather station)
Energy / calculator  
Here is some, good to have calculators, find your caloric consumption and calorific value.